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A bit about me...

So about me. Where should I start? I am a 3rd-year Fashion Marketing and Branding student and am in my final year of university. I have experience in brand development, visual communication, content creation, and event planning amongst other things. (See Portfolio and Key Skills). My CV and Cover Letter are at the bottom of this page!



I would definitely say that I am a creative. I find that if there is no space for creativity in a task it can become monotonous. Creativity inspires me, it makes me want to work harder, push boundaries and venture into the unknown. I have always taken the creative route when it comes to life decisions. From following my love for art and photography at A-Level to following my love of fashion when it came to my degree. I have an interest in any form of art where people express their creativity, film, fashion, and Drag performers. 


I am a firm believer that humans should be constantly learning. Whether it is for academic reasons or for my own personal entertainment, I am always curious to learn more about how things work and how to do different things. During the 2020 lockdown whilst stuck at home, I taught myself to sew, crochet, use Adobe Illustrator and make jewellery! Constantly learning helps me to feel motivated in everyday life. My curiosity was particularly essential when carrying out academic research for my degree.


I have very high ambitions and always work as hard as I can to achieve these goals. I know that I want to be very successful within the fashion industry and hope to one day become an art director for a successful fashion brand. I want to direct campaigns and have a say in the advertising’s artistic direction. Before I do this, however, I would like to study Fashion Communications at a Master's level. This is because I want to learn about the practical side of Fashion Marketing before going into the industry. 


I always try to be very empathetic with others. Sometimes to a fault! I’m always happy to help others if I can. I love collaborating and always want to contribute as much as I can to the group to make sure I am pulling my full weight. Even outside of group work, I try to help others with work as I’m sure they would do the same for me.


Cover Letter

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